Are you living with physical pain or limitations that are hindering your movement and ability to enjoy life? If this sounds like you, it’s time to GET FYZICAL®!

At the FYZICAL® center in Alabama, our team of highly skilled physical therapists strive to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. What sets us apart from other therapy centers is our treatment plans, which are uniquely designed for each individual for more effective and quicker results.

At FYZICAL®, we aim to not only correct your injury but also help to improve your overall wellness, helping you to feel better. Our therapy sessions focus on you, and you alone, so you can see quick, effective results.

Who Can Benefit?

Patients may be able to benefit from FYZICAL® therapy if:

  • You wish to prevent injuries
  • You have been injured on the job or in an auto accident
  • You are living in pain
  • You are living with an orthopedic issue or sports injury
  • You are living with a balance disorder or neurological condition
  • You simply wish to improve your endurance and strength

No matter your reasoning for undergoing FYZICAL® therapy, our team can help to improve your quality of life by decreasing your pain and restoring your mobility.

FYZICAL® Therapy Services

FYZICAL® is one of the premier physical therapy centers in Alabama, offering a wide array of services, including:

Balance & Vestibular Programs

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Fitness & Wellness

Auto & Work Injury Recovery

Massage/Manual Therapy

If you believe you may be able to benefit from physical therapy at FYZICAL®, contact our office in Tuscaloosa, AL today to schedule your appointment.

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