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Speech disorders are common in young children, but can also develop later in life due to injury, trauma, or voice overuse. A speech pathologist can help to correctly diagnose the issue, as well as help to improve speech. Speech disorders can affect anyone, but are most common in individuals with impaired hearing, cleft lip or palate, swallowing or breathing disorders, and autism, or adults that use their voice frequently.

Who is a Good Candidate for Speech Therapy?

Teenagers or adults may need speech therapy if they are experiencing the following issues:

  • Trouble with pronunciation.
  • Voice problems including a change in vocal quality, hoarseness, or voice loss.
  • Academic problems including listening memory.
  • Have a change in or trouble swallowing.

What to Expect During Speech Therapy

During your speech therapy session, a speech-language pathologist will work with you to design an individualized program to correct any speech or language problems that are present. Speech therapy is a very individualized process, and our ENT physicians will help to perform thorough speech and voice evaluations.

Speech and language pathologists are needed to prevent disorders related to language, speech, cognitive communication, voice, and fluency. They often help to treat issues related to:

  • Speech, language, and swallowing disorders,
  • Speech and stuttering disorders.
  • Written language disorders.
  • Cognitive disorders (thinking, memory, and learning)

If you are interested in speech therapy in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, contact our office today. We strive to provide our patients with thorough speech and hearing examinations so that we can provide the best speech therapy to remedy any issues.

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